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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Just to clarify

I know I mentioned previously that I had been enjoying Molly's blog (Adventures in Mercy), and I know several of you mentioned to me that you had been reading it at my recommendation. While Molly has a witty and engaging writing style and we shared much of the same awakening experience, I just want to clarify that where we ended up are two very different places. This is in NO WAY disparaging Molly or her beliefs. I just want my readers to know that her beliefs are in no way a reflection of my own. (In fact, rather than take offense, she would also probably want to clarify that she does not believe like I do!!) Life is a long journey, and although you may meet people along the way that are stumbling or having the same struggles you do, that does not mean you will arrive at the same destination. Molly and I have arrived at very different places, andn I don't want to give a faulty impression of my own spiritual journey. Again, this is not to disparage those who I do not agree with, only to clarify that their beliefs and conclusions about Christianity are not my own. You know, that standard disclaimer most people have on their blogs! I love blogs that make you think and provoke you to do research. Molly's definitely does that!

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