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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Miss Teen USA

I know you probably have all seen this, but I was just blown away by this!!! If my daughter ends up this ditzy... Oh well, at least she sure is purty!

I didn't have much time to comment when I posted this initially, but now that I have a moment...
*getting out my soapbox*
*climbing onto my soapbox*

I am truly hoping for the day when beauty pageants go the way of the gladiators and other spectator sports that demean the value of human beings. I know, I know, criticizing beauty pageants is something only plain or ugly people do, but I personally think it is offensive the way they ACT like they are interested in the contestants' thoughts, dreams, and ambitions, then have them parade around in bathing suits. Come on, surely we can find something else to celebrate in these young women other than great legs or being, ahem, well-endowed. How does any self-respecting woman justify parading herself like a hunk of meat in a butcher shop? Oh, I'm all for being attractive and classy, and there are definitely those who are more attractive than others... I just hope my daughters learns to value a sharp mind, a kind heart, and a sweet spirit over looking good while strutting in front of a bunch of ogling men. (Nothing against the men implied in that statement! You put a brownie sundae in front of me, I'd drool, too.)

I heard the contestant in the video above in an interview later, and I will grant that she was willing to laugh at herself. (Sh also gave the answer she was swinging at wildly, and it was much better than the original.) We all have our ditzy moments, but may I point out that had she not been parading herself on one of those women-degrading, flesh-baring, intellectually-challenged shows to begin with, the world would not have seen (and so thoroughly enjoyed) hers.


Anonymous said...

I personally would worry more if my Daughter appeared on TV so scantly clad...
Verbal foibles happen to all of US...
The wearing of attire showing so much of our bodies to the public is a CHOICE. A very poor one I might add.
Angela , I enjoy your Blog very much but, this time I feel you weren't very kind in referring to this young girl as a ditz.(Not Lovely Speech);-)

Angela said...

I apologize if I came off as harsh or unkind. I know I have a tendency to do that... I really do not intend to come off as mean-spirited towards people themselves. I may criticize poor choices (to use your words) or institutions, but I try not to throw the baby out with the bathwater, if you get my drift!