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Friday, September 7, 2007

Too "hot" to fly?

Check out this link:

Mini skirt gets grounded

It cracks me up how they trot out a feminist to comment on this! Oh, that will be a really objective opinion, coming from someone who thinks all men are pigs anyway. Feminism teaches that a woman should be allowed to walk around in whatever attire she wants, and it's everyone else's fault if they can't handle it. Sorry, call me old-fashioned, but if it's not for sale, Don't Advertise. And if you choose to flaunt it, don't complain when you get a reaction you don't like. It's not up to the rest of the world to make you feel comfortable with however you choose to present yourself, it's up to you as a decent human being to care about following basic societal norms. Good grief, it's not like society's standards are that high anymore anyway!
Personally, I am glad the airline gave her a lecture on her revealing clothes and asked her to "adjust" things a bit before allowing her back on the flight. She says it was embarrassing, but a Hooter's waitress flashing that much skin obviously has a compromised sense of shame. I would like to know if my husband was flying somewhere, he wouldn't have to sit next to someone dressed like that. Many guys would probably enjoy it, but really, girls, let's have a little more more self-respect and class, shall we?! When my dad worked for Northwest Airlines, we weren't allowed to fly if we were wearing denim or if we weren't wearing socks. Failing to comply with the dress code could mean my dad getting his flight privileges revoked. To take it a step further, when my dad flew as a child, he had to wear a suit!

(The only thing I wish the airlines would do differently is be as strict with potential terrorists as they were with a sleazily dressed college student.)


Melanie said...

I heard on one report that she actually asked for a blanket at one point to cover herself. Once soemone told her they could see everything! But they still kicked her off the flight!
So who knows.... I think it depends on what source you listen too!

Angela said...

If you watch the video I linked to (if the link works) the girl herself says she covered up with a blanket after they let her back on the flight. I also want to point out that the report makes it sound like she was kicked off the flight. She was in fact let back on the flight after getting a "talking to" about her dress. Unlike the woman with the talkative toddler who actually WAS kicked off and left stranded at an airport without the supplies she needed to care for her child, this woman was simply told to cover up and was allowed back on the flight. She traveled as scheduled, all she had to do was adjust her clothes. It was probably a big favor to her from the airline, since she intends to sue and will probably make a boatload of money anyway!!

Jessica Boots said...

Sorry to say it but for lack of a better sentence: "What a HOE!" had to say it...1st thing that came to mind.
(You don't have to post this comment) Girls like that make me sick I feel sympathy for the poor faithful and married men that had to (try to) look away from her. Beauty is one thing showing ya' goods is a whole 'nother ball game.(yes, I am going into hillbilly talk mode with this one) HA HA! I am a girl and let me tell you...we "KNOW EXACTLY" what we are doing when we dress that way. (I have been guilty at times too long long ago that is)

Angela said...

Don't worry, Jess, we don't all have to be "politically correct" all the time!

I agree that women dress that way to get noticed... and it's not their inspiring intellect they are flaunting. I wish that girl could find her self-worth in something other than her body. She either has incredibly low self-esteem or is just plain selfish and indifferent to the feelings of others. My mama always told me... when you catch a guy with your body alone - another girl will steal him away with hers! It's sad that young women (and even some older women!) feel the need to bare it all in order to feel good about themselves. Surely they have something else to contribute to society other than eye candy!!!

Jake said...

You know it sounds to me like the feminist have what's refered to as a double standard, I seem to remember, (and you can correct me if I'm wrong) the feminist trying to close down Hooters because the outfits were too revealing, and it degraded women and caused men to objectify them, does this sound familiar to any one? Now it seems that the outfits are only too revealing if some pervert is oogling them. The second someone complains about an outfit being too indecent they decide to swing on over to the other side of the argument. I guess the standards in America have dropped to a new low when the feminist are defending the Hooters girls for looking like street walkers in public. The other point I'd like to bring up is that people should be dressing appropriatly when they are out in the general public and especially around children. If you have about a child that's shorter then the hem of some lady's skirt then you can easily come to the conclusion that if they are within about three feet of that person they could easily see up their skirt. I don't know about you but I wouldn't want my children to be able to see what some lady is wearing under her clothes. What happened to common sense and respect, and people can't figure out why all those muslim countries that have banned alcohol and pornography, and have laws that require a woman cover herself from head to toe in public wants to start a holy war. Maybe that's getting a little off point but it makes sense.

Angela said...

Yep, that's feminism for you. They think THEY are the only ones allowed to degrade a truly feminine woman (i.e. a woman who is secure enough in her feminity that she doesn't have to hate men to prove anything), and then they can't decide whether they want to celebrate women who are so masculine they think estrogen is kryptonite or women who are so trashy they look like a walking STD. Make up your mind, femi-Nazis. You can't have it both ways!

I also agree that people of both genders should have enough CLASS (hey, there's a lost art!) to hold a higher standard when they will be in public - especially around children. This goes not only for how we dress, but as I mention in another post in the images we show. I understand you have the freedom to dress however you want, but have a little dignity and dress decently if you are going to be somewhere where you will be sitting inches away from someone's husband, son, etc...