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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Study Says Vaccinations Don't Cause Autism

The conspiracy theorist in me still has a lot of questions, but I have to admit I heaved a huge sigh of relief reading this story!!! My oldest daughter was adopted from South America, and she received the older versions of most vaccines, including the live polio and Heb B as well as vaccines containing thimerosal. So, as you can imagine, I had all kinds of things to worry about. (It's the Mommy Worry Gene; I can't help it.) It was not an option, due to their legal requirements, for me to waive her vaccinations, although I was able to petition the embassy to allow me to wait until we returned to the U.S. for some of them. She had already received several, though, so every time I read a story about the dangers associated with the vaccines she received, I would just cringe. Naturally, this story was a breath of fresh air!


Melanie said...

I hate to say it, but even though this study says these things cause autism... There are other studies saying that it might be other ingredients in the vaccinations!
Or that if you do notice a change in your child then most likely your child already had Autism before the shots, just the shots enabled some of the characteristics to become more pronounced!!

Angela said...

Yeah, as I said there's a part of me that is still suspicious... I can't help but wonder if this is a cover-up.

Whatever the cause, I wish they would figure it out!!! The autism rate is out of control. I wonder how many years will pass before some scientist somewhere smacks himself on the forehead and says, "I can't believe it!! All this time we were _______, and we had no idea it was causing autism!!" The sooner the better.

Jessica Boots said...

Do you have a bug in my phone? HA HA That is so WEIRD! My best friend and I were just talking about it. Her father is a doctor but he tends to lean more towards the old fashioned and natural ways of doing things. Unlike most doctors these days he prefers to try to treat the problem and not the symptom. Anyways, my friend said that symptoms of autism from vaccines showed right away. Like literally immediately he would notice them. One day the kid was happy and normal and literally with in the week they were already showing the beginning signs. I have no idea these days what to believe. It seems like everything causes cancer or some disease. LOL! My approach is if we do everything in moderation I am sure things will come out somewhat ok. We are all prone genetically to some things thanks to our ancestors for that but if we take care of what God gave us he will take care of us. HA HA! I don't know what to think of vaccines. My kids had some of theirs but I had no idea of the "Controversy" until after they had some. Then some of them I chose to forego under their best health interests. We all just have to do what we feel in our hearts is the best for our children.

Sissy said...

Hey the jury is still out for me. I was listening to a radio show that had a doctor on as a guest, he said that he had a lot of amish patience and they don't get vaccines and there is not a single case of autism in the community. So, I don't know what to think either. Maybe it's a genetic trait and the components of the vaccines manipulate the reccesive gene and make it a dominate gene. Who knows, it's true every thing causes cancer or some equally devasting disorder or disiese. My kids are all okay so I thank the Lord for that. You just never know though.