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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Presidential Candidate Quiz

I took this Presidential Candidate Quiz at my MIL's blog, and was surprised at the results. I can't stand Huckabee or McCain, but apparently we agree on some issues. I was a little disturbed to see I agree with Hillary 26% of the time - I'll have to work on lowering that score. ;0) Try it out and see what you think!

Here are my scores:

84% Mike Huckabee
83% Mitt Romney
82% John McCain
82% Fred Thompson
78% Tom Tancredo
70% Ron Paul
65% Rudy Giuliani
32% Bill Richardson
26% Hillary Clinton
25% Chris Dodd
24% Mike Gravel
24% John Edwards
22% Barack Obama
22% Joe Biden
18% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz


Sissy said...

Okay, I agree with Hillary 46 percent of the time! What is wrong with me! Am I a liberal? Oh no take me out in the town square and tar and feather me NOW!!! I have no idea how that happened but that is not right I can't stand her! Maybe I answered some the questions off because I didn't really read them throughly. There has to be some reason for this atroscity! Maybe I have demons that need to be exercised. HA HA HA HA HA HA!

Angela said...

Hmmm. 46%? Well, I'm afraid I can't be your friend anymore. Or better yet, I'll strap you to a chair and make you listen to Sean Hannity and read Ann Coulter until we've re-programmed your brain... or purified your soul. *snort, snicker*

Melanie said...

Wow! I'd hate to see what you'd do to me then....

Angela said...

Don't worry, I do allow myself a quota of Democrat friends. (har, har) Hey, everyone's entitled to their opinion, even liberal Democrats! This IS America, after all.

Was the quiz accurate for you, though? Who are you rooting for?

Sissy said...

Hey, I am very conservative though. So I have no idea what I did to agree with Hillary. I really don't have any liberal views, you know this.