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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Crazy Racist Pastor

Check out this link for some pearls of wisdom from Barak Obama's pastor. I really hope people caught up in Obama-mania realize that he looked to a CRAZY RACIST as a spiritual leader.

If this man is Barak's moral compass, his inspiration, and one-time pastor of his church he has attended for decades, should it concern us that Rev. Wright supports the Palestinian terrorism against the Jews? That he claims we deserved the 9/11 attacks because we suppress the black man? That he actually presented the Louis Farrakhan (who, among all of his racist ranting claims to be Jesus) with a lifetime achievement award?!?! Do your research, people, this is serious stuff. Barak spouts sweet nothings about "hope" and "change," while managing to never say anything. That way, he can present himself as a blank slate for people to project their hopes and dreams on. He is slipping in under a foggy cloud of mediocrity, neatly side-stepping any real controversy by avoiding tough issues. (Notice how many times he has simply voted "present" as a senator.) He will solve all our problems, supply all our needs, and create peace and harmony and a lemony fresh scent wherever he goes. Wake up and smell the disgusting stench of racism. Barak is seeking revenge, not office.

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