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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Zwaggle Update - SCRAPBOOKING

Wow- impressive customer service!! I e-mailed Zwaggle and suggested they add a scrapbooking section. I figured there would be moms (like me) who have accumulated a stash of supplies that we are getting tired of, but can't afford to go buy new stuff!!! Well, I got a response asking for more details from the actual founder of the site. I responded, and within a couple weeks they added an "Arts and Crafts" section with a "Scrapbooking" sub-category. I am anxious now to go through my stash and get rid of all those papers and embellishments that I am tired of looking at. I especially went overboard with the "baby girl" and "It's a girl" stuff. Exactly how many pages did I think I could scrap that say, "It's a girl"?!?!? Not to mention my paper fetish - Argh. My in-laws will be thrilled, since I keep my scrapping supplies over there!!!

So, calling all scrappers: swap your extra scrapping stuff for points!! Keep in mind, they just added this section. Last I checked, there were three items there. Still, the only way it's going to grow is if we put our stuff on there, and spread the word!!! All you scrappers who are cheap like me, this is your chance to trade the old for the new! We may still never have time to scrap, but at least we'll have a better variety in our stash. (Har, Har)

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Jessica said...

That is AWESOME! I definitely have to get on there! I have lots of stuff! Thank for sharing Angie! BTW...how was your trip? Hope it went well for you guys!