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Monday, August 13, 2007

Funny Headlines

I know I've been on an "Iraq War" kick lately - Sorry. Whether you agree with it or not, we are all tired of this war, and I can only imagine that the soldiers and their families are especially "war weary." So, I don't want to get in a blogging rut or anything - but I just got such a kick out of this e-mail I had to post it. I have been having some technical difficulties, and in fact this whole post has been erased once!! Anyway, I am trying it again, hopefully it works this time.

Updated to Add: Okay, I am just not getting these to space evenly, no matter what I try. Just use your head and I'm sure you can figure out which caption goes to which picture! Sorry about that...

Here are some pictures the media forgot to show us. If they had, these are the captions they likely would have shown:

While Asleep on Duty, Soldier Uses Iraqi Child as Body Armor

Terrified and Angry Iraqi Children Thank GIs for Not Opening Fire on Their Soccer Game

Another Example of Soldier Engaged in "Tickle Torture"

GI Hangs Iraqi Child By His Fingertips!

Troops Force Iraqi Children to Seesaw Till They Talk
Iraqi Child Bites GI in Self Defense

Soldier Employs Controversial "Talk or I'll Tickle You" Method. Another Example of Failed Intelligence Gathering.
American Soldier Tries to EAT Iraqi Child

Evidence of Forced Child Labor

P.S. If you want the scoop on the first picture, click here for the great story!


Sissy said...

Hey, I knew that you would like to post this I wanted to put it up on my blog but am still learning how to do things and I knew you could do it easier. I loved this email though because it is what the media has forgotten to show so many americans. Thanks for posting it!

Angela said...

Well, I am having a heck of a time with this, since for some reason I cannot get the text and pictures aligned and spaced the way I want it!!!! I'll keep working at it, but sorry it is so uneven. It is just not cooperating with me today.

Sissy said...

Hey, didn't even notice it was uneven until you told me, you shouldn't have said anything- I would have never know!!