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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

I'm a Little Confused

In April of 2004, President Bush signed "Unborn Victims of Violence Act" into law. This was also known as "Laci and Connor's Law" due to the highly publicized trial of Scott Peterson. This law makes it a separate and additional crime to kill an unborn child. Of course, there is an exemption in the law for the mother that gets an abortion. After all, it's a crime if someone else does it, but the mother has the right to choose. As if this isn't ridiculous enough, there is a new kink. Check out this grisly story from Ocean City, MD where the remains of four pre-term infants have been found on this woman's property.

I found this part of another article on the same story especially interesting:

State Delegate Susan K. McComas, a Republican who co-sponsored the 2005 bill, said the exemption was added by majority Democrats who feared the bill would restrict a woman's right to abortion. "We weren't contemplating a woman doing something to her own fetus," McComas said.

Prosecutors and police concede it could take months to sort out all the physical evidence and determine what charges, if any, may be appropriate for Freeman if the three sets of older remains found in her home and Winnebago belonged to her."It may turn into a war of experts, with the prosecution experts saying the fetus was viable and the defense experts saying the fetus was not viable, or it's impossible to know whether the fetus was viable," said Baltimore attorney Andrew D. Levy.

Another article states:

The timing is critical. If the pre-term infants were too young to be considered viable outside the womb, Freeman can't be charged with murder. And if they died before Maryland passed its 2005 fetal homicide law, it may not be a crime even if they were old enough to live outside the womb and Freeman caused their deaths.
The fetal homicide law was designed to penalize those who kill a pregnant woman or her viable fetus, but it includes a provision shielding pregnant women from prosecution for actions that result in the death of their own fetuses.

Basically, if they can prove that the four babies, assuming they are her babies, found on this woman's property were "not viable," (how on earth are they going to prove that?!?!?) this woman will walk because of the provision in the law protecting the mother from prosecution if she kills her own unborn baby. As long as the baby is killed before it can survive outside the womb, this law does not apply. How twisted is this?

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