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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Excellent Homeschool Info

I read this article on Jess's blog and really liked the way the facts were presented. Please click here to check it out! I'll add my thoughts later... (You didn't think you would escape my opinions, did you!??!)

Homeschooling is NOT for everyone. People often have very extreme views on homeschooling, and it usually reflects their own experiences, whether good or bad. Even within my own immediate family (we were all home schooled for varying lengths of time) the opinion ranges from approval to repulsion. I have had the fortune (and misfortune) to experience both ends of the spectrum within our extended family and social circles: excellent homeschooling and really, really awful homeschooling. When done right, it is fabulous. When done wrong, it is devastating to the child and the family.


Jessica Boots said...

Awe thanks Angie!

Nicole said...

I agree that homeschooling is not for everyone. Some can do it well and others just need to leave the teaching to others.

I think that if I have children, I may opt it homeschool them unless there is a good, solid Christian school in the area.
God bless!

Angela said...

Thanks for your opinion, Nicole! I know there aren't many teachers who support homeschooling, and as a teacher it must be especially frustrating to see it done badly.