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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hillary fans get even with guys

I listened to so many interviews with women after Hillary's win in NH that really made me gag. As if it wasn't embarrassing enough for Hilary to have such a corny teary moment, you should have heard the response of the women who voted for her! They were saying things along the lines of, "I wasn't sure who to vote for, but when I went to work/turned on my TV and saw these overweight men in suits snickering at Hillary for getting all weepy, I just know this was my chance to get even with all these male pigs." Okay, that's a very mature, intelligent, level-headed reason for making someone your presidential candidate: To get back at the loser men in your life. In other words, because a lot of women in this country have bad taste in guys, or else don't have enough self-confidence to roll their eyes at the idiots we all come in contact with, we may wake up one morning to Madame President Clinton... and the return of Slick Willy. Oh good one, ladies. You want to score one for the feminist movement by returning a sex addict to the White House. You feel bad for women who are being down-trodden and degraded, like poor Shrillary was, so let's return an accused rapist and womanizer to the highest position of power in the land. Excuse me for not getting it, but how exactly is this punishing all those egocentric male chauvinist pigs? Women voted for Hillary out of revenge, but what, did they forget about that man attached to her? I wouldn't exactly call a guy who gave a whole new sordid meaning to the term "Bumming a cigar" a stellar champion of treating women with respect.. Hmmm.... free reign of the White House while Hillary does all the real work. And what is one of the President's spouse's job? To entertain the spouses of the visiting dignitaries, right? Do the words "fox" and "hen house" mean anything to you? I can just picture Hillary leaning over a conference table intensely negotiating our foreign policy with a visiting head of state... while Bill "entertains" the guy's wife in the next room by playing strip Twister and doing Jell-O shots. (And I thought the Democrats were promising to restore America's credibility overseas. *sigh*) Yeah, you showed 'em girls. Don't let those evil men get away with this degrading behavior! Let's get Hill and Bill back in the spotlight so they can show us all how women ought to be treated.

Pleeeeease, girls. Next time you have a point to prove, please remember the following advice, "Better to let people think you're an unintelligent, uninformed ditz than to vote for Hillary for such an idiotic reason and remove all doubt."

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