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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Hillary gets all girlie

The typically stoic Clinton conceded that an emotional moment during a pre-election rally on Monday, in which she came close to tears as she discussed her reasons for wanting the presidency, may have helped her.

"I had this incredible moment of connection with the voters of New Hampshire and they saw it and they heard it. And they gave me this incredible victory last night," she said on CBS' "Early Show" on Wednesday.

Oh puh-leeeease. There is nothing more embarrassing to me, as a woman, when the girl has to act all "girlie" to try to make it in a man's world. Do we really want a president who feels she connects with voters when she gets all teary!?!? I can just see her head-to-head with some rogue nation's dictator, setting forth our country's demands, then pouting and getting teary when they don't take her seriously. Don't get me wrong, I don't think Hillary is a girlie girl at all. Quite the contrary, I agree with one article that said, "We know Hillary is man enough for the job, but is she woman enough?" I think the nearly teary moment was just to show off her acting abilities. All I am complaining about is when women play the whole emotional female card to get ahead. It reminds me of when Indy car racer Danica Patrick posed for those sleazy photos before a race. Personally, I would love for a woman to go out there and kick the boys' butts in racing. It's fun. I just wish she could have made her point by kicking their butts, not showing off hers (and a lot more!). To me it plays right into the stereotype that women can't really compete, so they have to degrade themselves by faking a teary moment or acting trashy. Come on girls, have some dignity!!! Use brains, not breasts. Issues and passion over teary pleas. I just can't see Margaret Thatcher getting all weepy in order to "connect with voters," and she's the type of woman leader I could look up to.


Anonymous said...

I love this post! Everything about it is accurate (at least with my viewpoint).
I'm even going to go a little further and *speculate* that it was a ploy to improve her ratings. Sorry.. Hillary's tears just didn't seem genuine... and seemed manipulative... act a little girly to get the girly votes. Ugh.

Melanie said...

I think it was all fake too!

Angela said...

Even if it was real, it is also sad that the first time she chokes up about an issue... it's herself! Of all the difficult situations she has faced and will have to face, she gets teary after her first primary loss. Hmmm... looks like a sympathy grab to me.